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Reptile Survey In Progress! Find out more.

What a busy day we've had. Today we worked together with members of the Benfield Wildlife and Conservation Group to place pieces of carpet through Benfield Valley and Benfield Hill to survey the reptiles we have in the area. Over the next few months we will be surveying for slow worms common lizards, and adders. Surveying our local wildlife if very important as it allows us to understand what wildlife the area supports as well as the health of it populations.

Again we would like to reiterate how important it is to not touch or remove the carpet, they will be removed once the survey season is over. It is really important not to be tempted to peak under the carpet as they need to be left for a period of time before we check them. The more they are disturbed the less likely we are to see them. There is also a chance adders will be present under these mats.

Thank you in advance for respecting the survey process, wildlife and equipment. If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to message us!

Best wishes, The BVP Team x

Cutting up and placing survey mats across Benfield Valley and Benfield Hill with Benfield Wildlife and Conservation Group.

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