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Calling Benfield their home...

With a mosaic of habitats, it is not surprising that wildlife is abundant here. The valley is brimming with birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, fungi, tress, grasses and flowers, there's no shortage of wildlife here.

In the warmer months Benfield Valley buzzes with bees, butterflies, and birdsong. Butterflies like the Common blue, Brimstone, and Speckled wood dart around the reserve. Birds sing from the trees, lizards bask in the sunlight, and foxes and bank voles emerge from the vegetation. Wasp spiders and grasshoppers take advantage of the grassland sward, spinning webs and chirping throughout summer.

Even during the winter months, there is plenty of wildlife and colour to be found. Fantastic fungi like the Velvet shank sprout from the bark of trees, Jelly ears, and Turkey tails erupting from fallen deadwood. Winter migrant and resident birds like the Blackbird and Robin provide a winter chorus.

But among those that call Benfield Valley home there are a variety of species here that are listed as under threat or protected. This includes birds, such as the Redwing and other red-listed species such as the House sparrow and Song thrush, and amber-listed species like the Dunnock and Tawny owl. We also have several mammal species such as bats, badgers, hedgehogs and hazel dormice.

To see images of all of these wonderful creatures, please go to our gallery page.

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