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Benfield Valley Calendar Competition 2024 January Winner!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their photographs for the Benfield Valley Calendar Competition!

This month we had submissions from Tamara of her dog Monty enjoying his walk at Benfield

Valley, Martin sent us a beautiful photo of a song thrush sitting high in a tree, Danielle was able to capture a stunning photo of a Dunnock sunning itself and Beth shared two of her photos with us, a Buzzard flying over the reserve and one of winter woodland trees.

We were overjoyed with the submissions this month but unfortunately we could only choose one photograph.

Our winner this moth is Danielle with her stunning shot of a Dunnock!


Don't forget to submit your photographs for a chance to win in February!

If you would like to enter for February find out how you can enter below!

Rules: -Anyone can join! No matter your skill level, age, if your using your phone or camera we want your photos! -All photographs must be taken at Benfield Valley. Photographs may include wildlife, vegetation and landscape. -Photographs must sent as a JPEG file -You can submit up to 3 photogrphs by emailing them to us at with the subject heading 'Photo Competition' and your name. -All photographs must be submitted by the 25th of each month. With the exception of December where we will accepting the last entry on the 15th.

We look forward to see your entries!

Best wishes, The Benfield Valley Project x

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