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Wildlife Sightings at Benfield Valley and Benfield Hill

On our expedition placing carpet through Benfield Valley and Benfield Hill for our reptile survey we kept our eyes peeled for other wildlife. With the recent warm weather we saw load of bees taking flight, as well as butterflies, like the comma, peacock, brimstone and small white! A local kestrel was also taking advantage of the nice weather and was hovering over the valley looking for its next meal. Sally form Benfield Hill Wildlife and Conservation Group was also kind enough to show us a dormouse nest in one of the tubes at Benfield Valley. It's fair to say we were very excited to see one.

As we reached Benfield Hill we were delighted to see the adders sunning themselves on the banks and a red kite flying above us.

What a fantastic day for spotting wildlife!

Video: Kestrel in flight at Benfield Valley

Video: Young adder moving across the bank at Benfield Hill

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