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Weekend at Benfield Valley: litter picking, new visitors and international dawn chorus day!

What a fantastic weekend at Benfield Valley! We completed a litter pick, discovered a new resident bird, and celebrated International Dawn Chorus Day with an early morning walk. What a lovely way to finish off April and kick-start May! Over the weekend, we saw some familiar faces and some new ones. We hope you enjoyed your weekend activities with us and hope to see you all again soon.

Community litter pick

On Saturday, we completed another community litter pick collecting 14 bags of litter, a discarded stool, a broken traffic cone, and pull along trolley frame. Every time we hold a litter pick event, we seem to have to look harder and harder to find any litter, which means all your hard work is paying off! So, thank you for helping make this a safer and cleaner environment for everyone. In addition to keeping our environment free of litter not only keeps the area tidy, it also protects soil health and keep our wildlife safe from ingesting or getting trapped in discarded rubbish. We also had time had time to create a Image: Community litter pick, and log/stick pile!

small log/stick pile for our insects and other

wildlife whilst clearing an area of litter!

New Bird Spotted in the Valley

As you may know, we also try to keep track and keep records of the wildlife that live and utilise Benfield Valley. On Saturday, we also discovered Common whitethroat singing his heart out from the top of a tree. It is the first time we have spotted this species here, so we were very excited! Especially seeing as this bird is on This little bird travelled from south of the Sahara in Africa to the UK to breed. That’s

quite a journey for a small bird! Image: Common whitethroat

Video: Common whitethroat taken on International Dawn Chorus Day 2022

International Dawn Chorus Day

Today was International Dawn Chorus Day.

To celebrate this event, we met with a group of locals at 5:30 am to listen to our local bird song. Beginning our walk at the southern end of the valley, we walked through the woodlands and grassland, winding our way up to the very northern end of the valley. Throughout our walk we

made sure to pause now and again to listen and admire the morning chorus. This

morning we saw and heard around 16 bird

species! We are so lucky to have so many birds on pour doorstep. Even the Common whitethroat made another appearance, singing his heart out at the top of a tree. It was lovely to see so many people join us to celebrate our local birds.

If you would like to join us for events, keep an eye out for them on our social media pages and website.

See you soon!

Image: International Dawn Chorus Day 2022 walk and song thrush.

Best wishes,

The Benfield Valley Project x

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