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Show your Love for Nature this February!

This February, we have teamed up with fellow community groups the Hangleton and Knoll Project and the Friends of Knoll Park to support the Climate Coalition’s ‘Show the Love’ campaign, which seeks to celebrate the natural world, showcasing its beauty as well as its wild inhabitants - big and small! - and raising awareness of the issues about climate change and its impact on nature.

How can I get involved?

To show your love for nature, simply create a green heart and display this in your window for all to see. Hearts can be as large or small as you like and can be made of paper, upcycled fabrics, recycled household items….whatever you have to hand!

Go to the Climate Coalition's page Show the Love page for lots of ideas for how you can make your green hearts extra special.

‘I’ve made my green heart and proudly displayed it, what else can I do?’

Each week in February, we’ll be sharing a nature-inspired activity here and on our social media channels to inspire you to get outside and engaged with nature in our amazing local green spaces. These will include:

  • Imaginative ideas for creating your green hearts

  • Ideas for getting creative outside - think drawing, writing, spotting!

  • Ways that you can help your local nature and wildlife

  • Writing frames and ideas for if you’d like to write to your local MP to encourage them to do more for our planet and local environment

  • Links to our favourite nature-related websites

  • Ideas for how to cut down on how much you throw away that don’t cost the earth!

  • Ways to encourage your children to enjoy nature and the great outdoors

We would love for you to enjoy all of these activities, but if all you can manage is creating a green heart, then we’ll love you just the same!

Can I share my creation with you?

Yes, please! We would love for you to share images of your green hearts with us. Please either email your images to us on or tag us, the Hangleton and Knoll Project and the Friends of Knoll Park on Facebook (the Benfield Valley Project is also on Instagram if that’s more your thing!) - all links are below.

We hope you enjoy this initiative. We are very excited about seeing your beautiful green hearts!

The BVP Team, x

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