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Mile Oak School Pupils Provide Miles of Smiles in Benfield Valley

On Thursday 16th June, I (Helen ) had the privilege of guiding a group of students from Mile Oak Primary school around our favourite woodland spaces on the site. It was the school's activity week and living classroom coordinator, Jessie Thomas, wanted to do something special for her year 6 pupils who weren't able to attend the residential trip.

I took the children to both of the woodland dells and we enjoyed engaging all five senses to do some excellent 'noticing.' They then explored the woods and identified lots of different species of plants, like Jack-by-the-Hedge, arum lilies, cow parsley and, of course, nettles! We talked about the importance of plants and trees close to busy roads and they loved hearing about the activities they can do in Benfield Valley, like bird-watching, bug hunting, picnics and more!

All pupils were an absolute joy to meet. We were also joined by Cleo from the Sussex Wildlife Trust, who led the children in some net sweeping and outdoor games.

Thank you to Jessie for asking us to join you for your special day out; and thank you children for being so wonderful!

(Images shared with permission)


If you are a parent or teacher at a local school and would like to collaborate on an outdoor nature activity, or would like some support with outdoor education ideas, please just get in touch via the contact form and let us know what you're planning!

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