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Conservation Day Litter Pick with the Sussex Wildllife Trust

We had a fantastic morning clearing rubbish from another section of the woodland at Benfield Valley and were joined by locals and Huw from the Sussex Wildlife Trust and his band of volunteers. We cleared tents, bedding, a mattress, suitcases, and tarpaulin made up the bulk of what we removed. But we also found plastic, car parts, a video of Matilda, glass, and toys.

We managed to collect at least 40 bags of rubbish!

Removing the rubbish from this site has made this area safer for us and our wildlife. Collecting the plastic will also have had a positive impact on our soil. If it had been left, the plastic would have broken down into smaller and smaller pieces in the ground.

Thank you to everyone who came along you've had such a positive impact on the space and made a massive difference to this wildlife reserve. What an amazing group of people. We cant wait to see you at the next one!

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