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Improving Access into Benfield Valley Nature Reserve - Step Access Completed!

Over two sessions and with the help of volunteers,

we cleared an enormous amount of mud

and overhanging vegetation. We decided to tackle this area as it was becoming hazardous to walkers, older community members, those with mobility aids, cyclists and people with young children and buggies.

It had started to consume the pathway, and year after year was getting narrower. Some of the steps were barely visible in some areas and had six inches of mud to relocate, which was no easy task. The whole process took three and a half hours.

We have also begun reclaiming the pathway just beyond the underpass. We hope to continue this work in the future. We don't want to tidy the area as it is first, and foremost a nature reserve. We want to maintain the pathways so the community can continue to enjoy this spectacular space.

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who volunteered to make this space safer and more accessible for all. You are amazing!

Best wishes,

The Benfield Valley Project x

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